Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Mack CH613 Tractor - Mine This Time

I recently posted some photos of a Mack CH613 tractor completed by a good friend of mine.  I have had my own first version in various stages of progress for several weeks now, and finally finished it up.  Probably could use some mud flaps, and perhaps a wet kit.  I could see a lot of uses for this tractor, as well as a lift axle version with a heavy lowboy trailer for construction equipment.  Oh the possibilities are endless.

I think I'm getting better at painting wheels, and my fronts are much easier now that I made the rim a bit more prominent.  I hope to do some "how to" series in the future to illustrate how I complete these models, but I am seeing some really nice outcomes from various modelers without them.  I guess sometimes leaving the kit open to creativity yields some unexpected and very appealing results.

I haven't had much time to do any design work, but I do have a Kenworth 900 in the works and hope to have it ready soon.  Of course, just maintaining my current files and keeping current with Shapeways can take up a lot of time.  

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