Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weathering Projects - Back in the Saddle

After a very mild yet long winter, I cleaned and organized the garage recently and set up my workbench for painting, decaling, and weathering projects.  I forgot just how much I enjoyed weathering individual pieces of rolling stock.  I have collected and am storing a lot of items that were selected specifically for weathering and other enhancements to become a permanent part of my fleet.  I am very close to finishing a pair of ARMN 57' mechanical reefers.  Needless to say, my skills are a bit rusty (pun intended) after several months of focusing on other aspects of this hobby.  Here are the 2 reefers with 1 remaining in original factory paint except for the graffiti decal.  I used a fade coat followed by a black wash to dirty the car, followed by rust drybrushing.  Graffiti was added in the middle of weathering, and yellow reflector stripes were added at the end of the weathering layers.  I think I went a bit heavy on these, however, the prototype version of these cars are showing their age, and a few are pretty dirty.


  1. Nice weathering, especially the roofs. Thoughts on weathering the refrigeration equipment compartment?


    1. Coxy, I was hoping no one would notice the chiller compartment. I think the easiest way to achieve a weathered look inside would be to mask off the top of the car and shoot some grime in with an airbrush from the top. Either that, or some weathering chalks. As far as the lower portion of the compartment, I'll have to give that more thought. It's almost small enough that it takes a very close examination to see that it is still white.


  2. I don't think the compartment is noticeable. Just curiosity on my end as I was wondering about access to that compartment space for brushes and airbrushing.