Friday, March 2, 2012

Anyone Getting Tired of Lumber Loads Yet?

So I'm still at it, making more lumber loads.  It has been a nice indoor activity while I wait for warmer weather so I can get out to the garage.  I have enough of these now that I am going to build out a dedicated page here on my blog just for my lumber and gypsum loads.  Eventually, when I get some time, I am going to attempt some weathering on my centerbeam cars so they are more suitable for my layout.  I'm still having a lot of fun making these and looking for more prototype examples to replicate.  I'm listing several of these on ebay periodically now, so if you want some for your own centerbeam cars, please check them out.  I do have plans to make a load for the shorter MicroTrains 60' 8" centerbeam version soon.  

I have 3 new versions to share: Abitibi Consolidated, Douglas County, and Tolko.  I added a very subtle variation to one of the Tolko loads by moving one of the tie down cables. 

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  1. hello, how do you create lumber package paper with logo?