Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to you dads out there.  I thought I would take just a couple minutes today and write about a new little project that I have started.

There is a lack of reefer trailers in N scale, and while I have added this to my list of future 3d printing projects, I simply don't have enough time to get to it immediately.  I have a handful of MicroTrains, Atlas, and Deluxe Innovations 48' trailers, and decided to convert some of them to reefer trailers.  BLMA makes a very nice refrigerator unit, and I wanted to take advantage of this ready made detail.  I do plan to design a reefer fuel tank and use Shapeways for this necessary detail, which is a lot smaller project than designing the entire trailer.

I have some refrigerator units on order, and while I wait for them to arrive, I have started painting the trailer bodies.  I want generic white trailers, so I removed the original paint and lettering using a bath of brake fluid. Next came a coat of white primer, and then the aluminum.  I am using common spray cans for this project, and having good results.  I then masked off the top and bottom rails, and painted white again.

Next I will paint the frames, paint details like taillights, add the BLMA chillers, and DOT striping.  These trailers aren't a great match for reefer use, but they should pass for general reefer trailer service.  That is of course until a better alternative is available.

Here's an example of an older 48' reefer trailer that is providing some inspiration for this project.  This is a Great Dane trailer, but not a bad match to the N scale trailers I am using as a starting point.  I'm hoping that a small fleet of trailers with white skins and refrigerator units will reasonably pass for reefer trailers, and add to the overall effect of the Council Bluffs Sub layout.


  1. Those will be right at home on your new layout! How is the layout progress coming along?

  2. Unfortunately very slow. I am devoting most of my hobby time to trucks, which leaves little time for the layout. Now it is getting hot, so it isn't much fun working in the garage.