Friday, April 20, 2012

Weathering Progress - Red Caboose BN Centerbeam

After experimenting with my raw sienna tinted fade mixture on an SP boxcar, I decided to try it on a Burlington Northern centerbeam flatcar.  I recently acquired several of these cars made by Red Caboose, which led to the development of my lumber load collection.  Like the SP boxcar, I had started to fade the BN centerbeam with a straight white fade mixture, but it was far from the yellowish fading that takes place on older green BN rollingstock.  It actually was beginning to turn to an evergreenish color.  I gave it a heavy top coating of the raw sienna mixture, and it began to look more appropriate.

I'll share some photos of the progress that I made with this car tonight.  I am far from done, but I completed the fade coat, then I got out my chalks and gave it a rubbing of reddish/brownish colors.  I sealed that with Testors dullcoat, and then started hand painting with oils, starting with burnt umber.  So this is really the first weathering try where I am using all of my current techniques.

In addition, I picked up some burnt sienna transparent acrylic today, and will try this in a mixture for mineral brown cars.  While I like the effect the raw sienna had on the SP boxcar, it is pretty yellow.  I'm not concerned, as I will be adding a lot of additional colors with chalks and oils, which will change the overall color quite a bit.  Burnt sienna is darker and should give it more of an orange tint.  I'll post some more photos as I make progress on that beast.  I have several other cars that are in progress and stacking up on the work bench.  I need some focused attention on these projects so I can finally wrap them up and put them into service.  As much as I love this hobby, I seem to only be able to scratch the surface of the projects that I would like to do.

Here is the BN centerbeam after a heavy fade coat of my raw sienna tint that I explained in my previous post.

After the fade coat, I brushed on some chalks to dirty the model.

Here is the car with some burnt umber applied by hand with a small brush.

Comparison photo of my weathering progress and a factory version of the same car.


  1. You're just slaying the fade. I've used Gary's fade mix as well, works a treat. Rust work looks great too. Lookin forward to seeing some of these cars on the layout.