Monday, November 28, 2011

BLMA Reefers - Graffiti Project

After I gave my first 2 reefers a weathering and graffiti treatment a couple months ago, I finally decided to begin work on the remaining 16 cars.  They have been sitting on my work bench for a couple months now, and hadn't even been out of their boxes.  I am going to do these in batches, starting with the graffiti decals and then adding the minimal weathering after removing the trucks.  I am using both Microscale and Blair Line decals.  The reefers are nice cars for large graffiti decals since they are a smooth car.  The only challenge is applying the decals over the sliding door track and the other details that stick out from the car side.  Graffit typically goes to the very bottom of the car so it doesn't look right to start the decal above the track.  It's getting cold in the garage now and I'll be moving my work inside very soon.  I also threw a couple older LBF cars into the project mix.

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