Friday, July 26, 2013

My 3D Printing Addiction - 7 Months in the Making

It's hard to believe that I began dabbling in 3d printing only about 7 months ago.  Since then I have learned a wealth of information, and have a sizable number of models designed, printed, and even finished.  Shapeways has been a great company to work with, and while there have been some challenges, I am hopeful that other companies will follow their lead, and offer similar services.  This should only improve pricing and quality in the future, which is something I look forward to.  In addition, the ability to not only print my own designs for myself, but also make my designs available to others is outstanding.  Without a service like this, I doubt I would have the time or the desire to order models myself, and then make them available to others, either through ebay or other means.  Just the thought of that seems to take much of the fun out my hobby.  To that point, I remind myself often that this is a hobby, and if at any time it becomes not fun, then I know I need to refocus.  I have already felt the burden of neglect for my layout project, but building trucks has been fun, and needed.

To date, I have sold over 100 models, and I appreciate everyone's support and correspondence.  Shapeways is not cheap, and while I have no control over that, I am hopeful that the ability to buy a popular N scale model that never before existed outweighs the price tag.  Again, I am hopeful that other competitors jump into this space and offer services at the same or better quality for less price.  I will keep looking for alternatives for this reason.

I will continue to work on new designs, and focus on trucks and trailers into the foreseeable future.  I think there is enough need there to focus my attention for the next few years.  Additionally, I could spend a considerable amount of time just making variations and accessories for the models I already have, such as sleepers, etc.

Thanks again for your support, comments, and feedback.  I am looking forward to seeing some of those 100 models in finished form.


  1. I have enjoy watching your progress. I have drawup some 3 light signal heads and send in to shapeway. I have a new batch coming. I notice the parts have a oil like coating that I have been unable to clean off. What do you use to clean your parts?

    1. Dwyane, check out some of my older blog posts. I cover several tips on cleaning and finishing. I am using Bestine solvent to soak these initially to get that waxy/oily residue off the models.

  2. I ordered the flatbed trailers, and Peterbilts. Took almost 4 weeks to get them from Shapeways, and now that I have them, am eager to clean, prime, and paint!

    Keep up the great work.