Monday, August 20, 2012

60' Micro Trains Centerbeam Lumber Load Expansion

After a hot summer and many non-train related activities taking up most of my time, I have begun to slowly get back into allocating some energy into N scale.  Recently I partnered with Wig Wag to offer my lumber loads on their website and in their store.  That has motivated me to expand my product line in the 60' version for the Micro Trains centerbeam flatcar.  While I only have photos of about a dozen different lumber load versions in the 60' length so far, I am now producing every brand of lumber and gypsum load currently available in the 73' version.

I have done my research, and can't find another N scale version of a modern wrapped lumber load suitable for these Micro Trains centerbeam flatcars.  Obviously the 73' cars are more common in our modern era, however, there is no shortage of Micro Trains 60' centerbeams out there, so a lumber load is much needed.

Look for more photos from me of these new 60' lumber load versions.  In the meantime, here are the newest additions:  Interfor Pacific, Millstead, Roseburg, Sea Sno, Simpson, Swanson Group, and Tembec.

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