Friday, February 17, 2012

N Scale Lumber Loads For Sale

After several hours of designing, creating, and operating my lumber loads on the Marias Pass, I quickly learned that I would have too many loads for myself, especially if I continued to make new versions of wraps.  As always I often look for opportunities to help fund my addiction, I mean my hobby, and have decided to make these available for purchase by other N scale enthusiasts.  I currently have 20 versions and plan to continue to add more as time permits.  I plan to start small and offer these on Ebay at first.

I don't claim to have the perfect N scale lumber load, however, my quest to find a suitable load for my empty centerbeam flatcars, some shortcomings of existing lumber loads on the market, and my constant interest to find new N scale projects led me to create my own version.

My lumber loads feature:
- Accurate designs based on actual prototype lumber load wraps.  Take a close look at existing N scale models, as some use a generic logo perhaps from the company website, but are missing other key markings.  For some modelers this may be suitable, but I prefer to produce as accurate of a model as possible.
- Simulated tie down cables that are accurately spaced to match the centerbeam flatcar.  This feature is often missing on other N scale lumber load alternatives.
- I use a precision cut oak block which adds approximately 1 ounce of weight to the feather light Red Caboose centerbeam car.

I will begin adding lumber loads to Ebay periodically, so please check them out if interested.  My Ebay user ID is jal76.

In addition, here is a quick video I made that features some of my lumber loads.


"The N Scale Addict"

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