Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More N Scale Lumber Loads - Four New Versions

I am shocked at how many forest product producers there are out there.  It's not surprising that many are gobbled up by larger companies either by a merger or hostile takeover.  Anyway, I am still having a lot of fun making new lumber loads.  This time I created Idaho Forest Products (staggered load), Plum Creek (5 tier load), Interfor/Interfor Pacific mixed load (3 tier, 8' stack load), and Interfor (4 tier, 12' stack load)

I have several more that I am itching to make as time permits.  As popular and common as Weyerhauser is, it is on the short list for sure.


  1. Keep 'em coming! Where do you find all the photos of lumber wrapping (I assume you base your "artwork" on photos of real lumber packs)? I'm considering doing something similar myself, but an Internet search did not result in that many hits. /Lennart

    1. Lennart,

      it's tricky finding good images, but they are out there. I use software as well to create an accurate replica of the prototype images.