Saturday, December 6, 2014

Next 3D Truck Project? How About a New 2015 Silverado Duramax

I have recently stated that I am getting the itch to start designing some more 3D models.  And just to prove that I indeed have something cooking, I thought I would share what's currently brewing.  These are actual renderings from Shapeways, so other than a few minor details (mirrors, door handles, etc.), and some tires, I am very close to having a 2015 Silverado Duramax ready to print.  The front cab posts are a bit chunky, but hey, this is N Scale.  I decided to go with an open cab rather than fill in the windows.  I personally don't like having to paint windows and make them look realistic.  That said, I am also too lazy to design an interior, so like it or not, this is where I will stop.  I've got too many other design ideas to spend too much time of any one model.

Anyway, here is proof that I am finally getting back into my design routine.  And why a Silverado?  Why not?  Where else can you get a sweet looking crewcab like this in N scale?

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