Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Couple New 3D Printed Models - 3 Axle Livestock & 53' Drop Deck Trailers

Not a significant update tonight, but still something worth sharing.  I dusted off my 53' Wilson livestock trailer files the other night and in about 30 minutes I had a triple axle version to go with my spread axle model.  Not sure why it took me so long to make the small tweak, but now it's done.  I have a few on the way from Shapeways.

My newest model that I just finished today is a 53' Fontaine Infinity drop deck trailer.  This is a combo steel/aluminum model that I see a lot on the highway.  The prototype model below is a shorter version, so mine has a longer tail.  This will compliment my all aluminum MAC flatbed nicely.  I also designed a new 22.5" aluminum wheel with lo-pro tires for this one.  I'll get a couple ordered soon and make them available in my shop once I validate that my design prints successfully.

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