Sunday, October 6, 2013

That's a Bunch of Bull...

My Pete 379 project started out as a short haul, farm truck/tractor, and it didn't take much to add a sleeper, and twin 150 gallon tanks.  I have a few copies of this updated truck, and was able to put the finishing touches on one of them tonight.  Also, I designed a herd bumper specifically for my Pete 379, and even more specifically as a bull hauler version to go with my Wilson 53' livestock trailer.  I am a fan of straight pipes, and this Pete got a set of straight cut stacks.

Of all my models to date, this is probably my favorite, and the one I am most proud of.  I felt that the ventilation holes were a big design risk with 3d printing, but it paid off big.  I plan to offer a bull-nose version of this trailer in the future, which is just a slight change to the angles of the trailer front.

If you haven't seen my video where I show an up close peek at a raw print of this trailer, go have a look.  My newest videos are located on the left hand navigation of this blog.

Anyway, I now have a suitable tractor for my livestock trailer, and they make a great pair.  I have plans to do many more.  And for all of you Kenworth fans out there, I have a 900 coming soon, which will also make a great bull hauler as well.

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  1. Another cool model to create would be some sort of aggregate dump trailers like the ones in the links I added!