Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who's Right? N Scale Truck Comparison

When I first received my pair of 3d printed 379 Peterbilt trucks from Shapeways, I immediately thought I had made a mistake, as they looked like they were too big for 1:160.  But I found it hard to believe since I had designed the truck in full 1:1 scale, and then simply converted it for printing in N scale.  In comparing the cab to other N scale trucks, there is certainly a difference.  I would say that the GHQ model is well under sized for 1:160.  As of tonight, I haven't done any research to see if they are represented as a true 1:160, or maybe they are actually a different scale.  If anyone knows, feel free to share some information.  The Pete in the photo below is sized well compared to the Volvo, and the Ford 9000, so I guess I won't concern myself over this difference.  Although I may be looking to find a new owner for some GHQ kits I have....

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