Saturday, February 2, 2013

GTE 2013 - Day 1

So I guess that having a portable layout has its pros and cons.  A pro is that I can arrive at the train show the morning of, roll in the Marias Pass, plug it in, set up a train, and be running in a very short time.  A con is that by the time I arrive, everyone else has set up the night before, and even though I have a reserved space on the floor, I wind up getting squeezed out, and finally set up next to the electrical closet, in the corner of the arena.  I guess it wasn't all bad in that I was next to a few other layouts, had a fairly quite corner, isolated from the crowd, but still accessible to spectators.  I had a nice day and talked to some really nice train enthusiasts.

This will likely be the last show that I personally display the Marias Pass, so I am glad I made the effort to haul it over.  The weather was cold but dry, and the Mid America Center is still a great venue for a train show.

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  1. Yeah, a couple of years ago GTE started having the setups on Friday afternoons. In the Ntrak group I belong to, we were concerned at first if our members could not get off work early on Friday, or because it's an extra trip, etc. We adjusted to it and now like doing it this way as it makes finishing up on Saturday morning a breeze.