Saturday, November 10, 2012

N Scale GHQ Forklift Project

It's November, and as I was driving today, my thermometer read 80 degrees at midday.  It was crazy windy however.  Tomorrow the high is only 35, and it is raining as I type this.  Wild weather!

Anyway, I have had several N scale GHQ forklift kits waiting to be assembled and painted, and last night I finally got them out.  I have a total of six kits, but a couple are for a friend.  They are fairly easy to assemble since there aren't many pieces to each forklift.  Each kit comes with two masts so that the final model can have the forks in a lowered position or a raised position.  I chose to model 3 of each.  

Last night I spent some time cleaning up the metal parts and attaching the masts to the main body, which is one piece.  Tonight I airbrushed each of them with UP Armour Yellow Polly S acrylic.  

So far they are turning out nicely.  The detail is crisp, and the level of effort so far has been minimal.  

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